Silver Streams (JC1021)
The Joe La barbera Quintet

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Down Beat Magazine – "Three Stars"

Nicholas F. Mondello, All About Jazz – "Bill Evans talked about a 'Universal Mind Force,' into which the finest musicians tap. Silver Streams demonstrates what is ultimately possible when five stellar players merge to simultaneously access that force and deliver its awesome power through their magnificent music."

Marc Myers Jazz Wax – "...shows off the drummer's delicate versatility..."

Jack Garner, Democrat and Chronicle – "...a tasty set of straight-ahead jazz."

Glenn A. Mitchell, L.A. Jazz Scene – " of the best new releases in this time..."

Doug Ramsey, – "...the leader displays the lacy cymbal work that has been one of the joys of his music from his days with Bill Evans."

Martin Z. Kasdan, Jr., – "This is solid and fresh music."

Joe La Barbera – drums
Clay Jenkins – trumpet
Bob Sheppard – tenor and soprano sax
Bill Cunliffe – piano
Tom Warrington – bass

Produced by
Joe La Barbera

1. Afluencia (B. Cunliffe) 7:59
(solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Bill Cunliffe, Joe La Barbera)
2. Bradley’s, 2am? (D. Maroni) 7:08
(solos: Tom Warrington, Clay Jenkins, Bob Sheppard, Bill Cunliffe)
3. Monkey Tree (J. La Barbera) 6:50
(solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Bill Cunliffe, Joe La Barbera)
4. Bite Your Grandmother (S. Swallow) 7:03
(solos: Bob Sheppard, Bill Cunliffe, Clay Jenkins, Joe La Barbera)
5. Jade Visions (S. LaFaro) 6:21
(solos: Clay Jenkins, Bob Sheppard, Bill Cunliffe)
6. Silver Streams (B. Cunliffe) 13:37
(solos: all)
7. Grace (A. Pasqua) 4:47
(solo: Bill Cunliffe)
8. E.J.’s Blues (E. Jones) 8:27
(solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Bill Cunliffe, Joe La Barbera)

"Afluencia" and "Silver Streams" written by Bill Cunliffe (Bill Cunliffe Music, BMI). "Bradley’s, 2 A.M.?" written by Dado Maroni (Abeat Music, ASCAP). "Monkey Tree" written by Joe La Barbera (Deaver Music, ASCAP). "Bite Your Grandmother" written by Steve Swallow (Wonderbuns, BMI). "Jade Visions" written by Scott LaFaro (Orpheum Music and Concord Music Group Inc., BMI). "Grace" written by Alan Pasqua (Itsall Music, BMI). "E. J.’s Blues" written by Elvin Jones (Elvin Jones Publishing, BMI).

Tracks 1,3,5,6 and 7 recorded January 9 and 10, 2012, at Tritone Studios, Burbank CA.
Engineer: Talley Sherwood. Piano tech: Robert Price.
Tracks 2,4,5 and 8 recorded March 12 and 13, 2010, at Umbrella Media, Chatsworth CA.
Engineer: Andy Waterman. Piano tech: Ron Tuttle.
Mixed and Mastered at Tritone Studios March 7 and 29, 2012. Engineer: Talley Sherwood.
Album design and photography by James Frank Dean.

Joe La Barbera proudly performs on Gretsch Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Aquarian Drumheads and Regal Tip sticks, brushes and mallets.

I want to thank the members of the quintet for their wonderful music and friendship for the past 20 years. Working with all of you is the most fun I have ever had with music. Thank you Andy Waterman and Talley Sherwood for the excellent recording and to Talley for making the mixing/editing/mastering process so easy and enjoyable. Special thanks to my loving wife Gillian for being an honest and caring listener and to my daughter Tiffany for keeping the family tradition of music alive. Finally, a big thank you to the Jazz Compass family: Larry Koonse, Tom Warrington, Clay Jenkins, Jim Dean and Larry Hathaway.

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