The Tom Warrington Trio

Larry Koonse – electric and acoustic guitars
Tom Warrington – acoustic bassJoe La Barbera – drums

Produced by Tom Warrington.


1. BOLIVIA - 5:31
2. SHALL WE - 4:40
3. BUFFALO CHPS - 5:19
4. IF NOT FOR YOU - 5:06
5. NELSON - 4:03
6. NOT IF BUT WHEN - 6:36
7. SIXTH SENSE - 7:16
8. STAR JASMINE - 5:15
9. RACHEL & SARAH - 4:57

Once again, my deepest gratitude to Larry and Joe for their unparalleled musicianship and for being such great and treasured friends. You guys are truly the best. Also, thanks to the administration at UNLV. And a very special “Thank You” to Roxanne for her inspiration and caring support.

"BUFFALO CHPS," "NOT IF BUT WHEN" and "NELSON" written by Tom Warrington (Warrhead 2 Music, ASCAP). "SHALL WE," "STAR JASMINE" and "RACHEL & SARAH" written by Larry Koonse (Larry Koonse Music, BMI). "IF NOT FOR YOU" and "SIXTH SENSE" written by Joe La Barbera (Deaver Music, ASCAP). "BOLIVIA" written by Cedar Walton (Vernita Music, BMI).

Recorded at Tritone Studios, Glendale, CA on June 14-15, 2011.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Talley Sherwood.
CD design and photography by James Frank Dean.