4 (JC1018)

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Reggie Thomas – Organ
Clay Jenkins – Trumpet
Rick Haydon – Guitars
Gary Hobbs – Drums and Percussion

Produced by 4


1. Hootie McBooglie (Clay Jenkins)
2. Ready or Not (Reggie Thomas)
3. Funagalo – (Clay Jenkins)
4. Sankofa (Reggie Thomas)
5. A Stern Scolding (Rick Haydon)
6. The Exit (Reggie Thomas)
7. Requiem for Gerald (Reggie Thomas)
8. Work First – (Clay Jenkins)

All songs K and T Music (ASCAP).
Engineered and mastered by Rick Haydon.
CD design by James Frank Dean.

This recording is the end result of a long term project, envisioned by four very close friends.  The compositions are carefully crafted. They are performed here with reckless abandon.  The friendships are enduring.  They are based on love and mutual musical respect. This music is a direct result of the friendships of "4."

Rick Haydon plays a Bill Moll Custom 7-string guitar.
Gary Hobbs plays Yamaha Drums and Bosphorus Cymbals
Clay Jenkins plays Edwards Trumpets.