The Tom Warrington Trio

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Larry Koonse – guitar
Tom Warrington – bass
Joe La Barbera – drums

with Bob Sheppard
and Tommy Peterson

Produced by Tom Warrington


1. Lost Ground
2. Living Room
3. Sad But True
4. Everything I Love
5. The Mountain
6. Smilin' Eyes
7. My Man's Gone Now
8. One Hand (for Joe)
9. Alguma Coisa

"Living Room" written by Larry Koonse (Larry Koonse Music, BMI). "Everything I Love" written by Cole Porter (Chappell Corp.). "Smilin' Eyes" written by Stefan Karlsson (Music of Windswept, et al). "My Man's Gone Now" written by Gershwin/Heyward (WB Music Corp., et al). "Alguma Coisa" written by Ehling/Ratner (Publishing info TBA). "Lost Ground," "Sad But True," "The Mountain," "One Hand (for Joe)" written by Tom Warrington (Warrhead 2 Music, ASCAP).

Recorded on July 22, 23, and 29, 2008, at the Blue Room, North Hollywood, CA.
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Talley Sherwood.
New Zealand concert photo by Jeff Rupert.
CD design and photography by James Frank Dean.

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