The Joe La Barbera Quintet

Joe La Barbera – drums, percussion
Clay Jenkins – trumpet
Bob Sheppard – tenor, soprano sax, piccolo
Alan Pasqua – piano
Tom Warrington – bass
Aaron Serfaty – percussion on tracks 3 and 5

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1. Boxer Rebellion 6:33
solos: Clay Jenkins, Bob Sheppard, Alan Pasqua, Joe La Barbera
2. Sixth Sense 9:47
solos: Alan Pasqua, Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Tom Warrington
3. Native Land 9:37
solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Joe La Barbera
4. Longing 6:15
solos: Alan Pasqua, Clay Jenkins
5. Desert Calm 8:22
solos: Bob Sheppard, Joe La Barbera
6. Everybody’s Song But My Own 6:20
solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Alan Pasqua
7. For All We Know 4:54
solos: Alan Pasqua, Bob Sheppard
8. Manne-risms 8:33
solos: Joe La Barbera
9. Just In Time 6:34
solos: Bob Sheppard, Clay Jenkins, Alan Pasqua, Joe La Barbera

Boxer Rebellion, Sixth Sense, Native Land, Desert Calm and Manne-risms by Joe La Barbera Deaver Music ASCAP; "Longing" by Ellen Rowe EM Music ASCAP; For All We Know by Sam M. Lewis and Fred Coots TRO Cromwell Music Inc, Toy Town Tunes Inc. ASCAP; "Just In Time" by Betty Comden, Adolph Green and Jule Styne; Stratford Music Corp.; Everybody’s Song But MY Own by Kenny Wheeler UPI ASCAP

Recorded August 17 and 18 2006 at the Blue Room, Van Nuys CA. Talley Sherwood: engineer. Mixed and mastered at the Blue Room September 1 and 6, 2006

Special thanks to Clay, Bob, Alan and Tom for their great playing and friendship; to my wife Gillian for her constant support and love of the music; and my daughter Tiffany for continuing the family tradition of music.

CD design and photography: James Frank Dean

Joe La Barbera plays Zildjian cymbals, Gretsch drums, Aquarian drum heads and Regal Tip sticks and brushes.

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