Larry Koonse and Darek Oleszkiewicz
with Munyungo Jackson

Larry Koonse – acoustic and electric guitars
Darek “Oles” Oleszkiewicz – bass
Munyungo Jackson – percussion

Produced by Larry Koonse and Darek “Oles” Oleszkiewicz



1. Vignette – 1:36
2. For Chopin – 5:36
3. Between Nowhere and Goodbye – 3:36
4. Candle – 5:17
5. Island Song – 4:44
6. Beautiful Eyes – 5:03
7. Seventh Heaven – 7:00
8. Harlequin – 5:35
9. Senegal Trance Dance – 6:09
10. Valentine –5:17

“Storybook” is a unique collaboration between Larry Koonse and Darek Oleszkiewicz that features original compositions encompassing everything from music inspired by the great masters of the classical era through music influenced by the different cultures on the globe with improvisation at the core. Together they have created a recording that reveals their shared interests in lyricism, space, and intimate communication. Munyungo Jackson (Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder) rounds out the trio and provides the perfect foil for this eclectic outing with his colorful percussive forays. Having collaborated on 4 critically acclaimed CD’s with the Los Angeles Jazz Quartet, Larry and Darek are journeying into some new territory while still tapping into the warm rapport and adventurous nature that has always been so characteristic of their performances.

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