Pat LaBarbera – Tenor Saxophone
Randy Brecker – Trumpet
Joe La Barbera – Drums
Neil Swainson – Bass
Brian Dickinson – Pianos

Produced by Pat LaBarbera


1. Crossing The Line (Pat LaBarbera) – 10:38
2, Yours Or Mine Or Blues (Pat LaBarbera) – 8:17
3. Mind Games (Pat LaBarbera) – 11:19
4. There's A Lull In My Life (Gorden/Revel) – 10:10
5. While My Lady Sleeps (Kahn/Kaper) – 9:36
6. It Used To Be (Pat LaBarbera) – 8:53
7. Bye Ya (Thelonious Monk) – 8:46

"There's A Lull In My Life" written by Gorden & Revel (20th Century Music / EMI Robbins Catalog Inc., ASCAP). "While My Lady Sleeps" written by Kahn & Kaper (EMI Feist Catalog Inc.). "Bye Ya" written by Thelonious Monk (Thelonious Music Corp., BMI). "Crossing the Line," "Yours or Mine or Blues," "Mind Games," and "It Used To Be" written by Pat LaBarbera (PATLAB MUSIC, SOCAN).

CBC Radio Broadcast produced by Todd Fraracci.
Recorded At "The Top Of The Senator" Toronto, April 15, 2004.
Recording Engineer – Rob Selmanovic.
Audio Systems Engineer – Frank Finistauri. 
Special Thanks to Andy Pryde who spent many hours mixing and mastering the CD.
Photo under tray – Bill King
CD design – James Frank Dean

see photos from CD Release Party (11/13/05)