Featuring Pat LaBarbera, with Joe La Barbera and Clay Jenkins.

Produced and arranged by John La Barbera.


1. Moontrane (Woody Shaw) – 5:53
2. Pythodd Fellows (John La Barbera) – 8:39
3. Over F (John La Barbera) – 4:59
4. My Love And I (Love Theme from ‘Apache’)
(David Raksin/Johnny Mercer) – 6:19
5. Zin Zak (John La Barbera) – 7:58
6. Yours Or Mine Or Blues (Pat La Barbera) – 8:40
7. Fantazm (Duke Ellington) – 8:00
8. Kyrie (Page, George & Lang) – 4:21

"Fantazm" written by Duke Ellington (FAMOUS MUSIC CORP.). "My Love And I (Love Theme from ‘Apache’)" written by David Raksin and Johnny Mercer (WB MUSIC CORP./MADRIGAL MUSIC CO.). "Yours Or Mine Or Blues" written by Pat La Barbera (PATLAB MUSIC). "Moontrane" written by Woody Shaw (EMI UNART CATALOG, INC.) "Kyrie" written by Page, George & Lang (WB MUSIC CORP.). "Zin Zak," "Pythodd Fellows," and "Over F" written by John La Barbera (DEAVER ENT).

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See photos from CD release party (11/13/05)

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